An exciting year ahead!

This 2017 has been a great year for Unity Montessori. We took the plunge, and decidedly went down the route into the unknown. A new setting, in an area we were not particularly familiar with; a new venture, tonnes of regulations and paperwork to keep us on our toes and occupied most of the time… We must be extremely grateful though. For we found along the way lovely families and amazing children, and extraordinarily committed staff as travelling companions! We couldn’t have asked for more really.

It was a year of growth and progress that, as is the case with Unity’s children, is shaping the year ahead, which looks terribly exciting. We must thank the families that chose to trust their children’s early years’ education to us, and continue to do so. We must be equally thankful towards the new families that shall be joining us in the Spring term of 2018.

To all, and specially the children, may 2018 bring much joy, peace, progress and happiness!

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