Unity was created with Maria Montessori’s principles at heart. We strongly believe that children are the most important part of our society and, certainly, the future of it. “Early childhood education is the key to betterment of society.” Maria Montessori.

At Unity we aim to support and facilitate children’s independence, curiosity, and foster their joy of learning. We understand that children learn by first hand experiences, exploration, and time to familiarise with the world around them. With this in mind our classroom is designed to allow our children to choose the activities they would like to work with, and spend as much time as they may need to satisfy their inner curiosity.

Our teachers main role in the classroom is that of facilitators. We follow the child’s interest and use our observations to plan, design new materials and activities to further the children’s learning. We are committed to empower our children to become free, resilient, creative human beings, who lead lives of purpose, are encouraged to independent thought and are respectful of the rights of others.

At Unity we support the vertical grouping system, where children of different ages share the same space. This approach provides our older children with the opportunity to guide the younger children. In this manner, they cement their knowledge, develop a sense of community, empathy and overall well-being, while our younger children learn in a somewhat swiftly manner, by observing and being inspired by their older friends. “The child’s progress does not depend only on his age, but also on being free to look about him.” Maria Montessori