Art theme in our Open Day in North London

For our second Open Day event, we decided to make the most of the lovely weather in North London, and turned our outdoor space into an extension of the classroom.

The art activity we prepared was an exploration of primary colors and making secondary colors. It was fascinating to see the different reactions and creativity of the children that came to visit.

Orange it is! #montessori #montessorilondon #woodsidepark

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A lovely mural was the result of the activity made by children of different ages, from a 22-month old who was totally puzzled by the making of secondary colors inside bags, and the enjoyment of mixing and printing paint on paper, to the lovely figurative painting of a five year old. Children at different stages of development equally amazed by the activity! Onwards to planning our third Open Day event on 10 June

Final product of a cooperative painting. #openday #montessori #montessorilondon #woodsidepark

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27 May 2017: Our 2nd Open Day!

Guess we can say that our first Open Day was a success: we met very nice families, we spoke, a lot, about the Montessori method, there was an almost unanimous feeling among visitors about how serene and inviting the setting was, and the little ones, they had a blast!

So onto the 2nd one then, which will take place on 27 May 2017, same place and time. We welcome enquiries through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram  pages, or by emailing admissions at unitymontessori dot com.