Language learning through music with Bilingual Beats

In our Open Day today, we introduced children to a foreign language (Spanish) through music. The method is the brainchild of  Bilingual Beats, an award-winning education company. But rather than trying to explain what their innovative concept is about, why not let participating children, parents and teachers do the, erm, singing ?

Bilingual Beats description of their method:

“Our curriculum combines a carefully balanced mix of linguistic content, such as theme words, phonemes, common sentences and basic structures; and musical content, such as songs, tonal and rhythm patterns, rhythmic rhymes, and instrumental play-alongs, in a wide variety of tonalities, meters, and music styles.

It is based on research done in the fields of music education, language acquisition, CLIL (content and language integrated learning), early childhood education, and child development. Our classes support the child’s cognitive, emotional, social and physical development, in line with the EYFS framework.”

Children have an ability to learn languages from birth. Dr Maria Montessori noted different stages of development, and described them as sensitive periods, during which children seem to have a predisposition to learn a specific skill or set of skills.  Bilingual Beats has added an element of fun to the natural language learning process, using music and rhythm to make it more enjoyable. We therefore completely support Bilingual Beats’ method, and believe that children in our setting will benefit tremendously from such partnership.

Children & prepared environment!

Wow! Saturday was a very exciting day, many families came to visit our nursery, and the general feedback was great. Children and parents enjoyed a storytelling session, and the little ones explored our carefully prepared environment. It was heart warming to see them feeling at ease, that is the idea, ultimately our school has been thought of and designed to create a “home from home” feeling.

As the children played, created and explored, we had the opportunity to observe one of our visitors exploring all the numeracy activities, counting, and matching, completely absorbed in his self-selected activity. While another child created her own colour matching activity with the art resources provided. This proves the importance of having a prepared environment and follow the children interest, as Montessori emphasises.

There was even a little one that was so engaged in her activity that when her parents told her that it was time to go home, she said to them, “You go, bye bye” as she waved goodbye to them.

A big thank you to all the parents and children that joined us! Our next event on 22 July is going to be very exciting, with music and languages from our dear friends, award winning Bilingual Beats!

Outdoor play in Open Day

Once more, thank you to all the families that joined us yesterday on our Open Day. It was all about outdoor play, and beautiful, and exciting, to see our materials been used by the children, and to see them explore and enjoy the setting we have carefully designed for them. Our new outside space was also well used. The children played in the wooden kitchen, did art in our art shed, while one of our teachers played her guitar and sang, making the atmosphere very relaxed.

Our next Open Day will take place on 8 July 2017 and enrolment is now open. Book a place now via our contact page, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Singing Old McDonald Had a Farm outdoors using props #montessori #woodsidepark #openday

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