2018: New Beginnings…

It seems incredible to us at Unity, that only a year ago we started with three children.

This year commenced with fourteen children, and we are rapidly approaching full capacity. We believe that this is merely a reflection of the work that we are doing. Better than blowing our own trumpet is, of course, the feedback we get from the children at Unity, and from their parents. A new parent wrote very recently:

Best nursery we could have for our boy. He loves to go there and I would love to go there too 🙂 the teachers are ?

Posted by Inga Liepa on Wednesday, 3 October 2018

We think there is no better assessment than happy and engaged children, looking forward to come to Unity everyday. It is a great pleasure, and a big responsibility for us educators, to continue looking for ways to keep the children interested, eager and willing to develop their learning appetite. As Maria Montessori would say: “We discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being.

We must say a big thanks to all the families that have entrusted Unity for the most extraordinary of tasks: continue fostering the spontaneous development of their children!

First year: a resounding success!

Our first school year has come to an end, and it’s been a resounding success in my view. It hasn’t been easy, by any means. Many sleepless nights, trying to keep up with never ending new regulations, with bills and overheads, a lot to learn… Finding and forming just the right team, whose members share the same passion for the Montessori method as me, to continue making Unity a child-centred environment above all else.

Working with children is incredibly rewarding, as it is demanding. I believe that a true teacher never stops thinking about their pupils, about how to inspire them, how to help them achieve, how to further their knowledge and curiosity, how to instil that desire for learning, for mastering what they have set to learn without giving up.

When the children come in the morning with a big smile, and go home wishing they could stay a bit longer, that make us feel that we are doing a good job. Our school is now a little community, a place where the families that have trusted us their little ones have found a second home:

“Dear Alex

Ravi and I would like to express our gratitude to you and Team at Unity Montessori Nursery for a great job with our daughter !

Throughout Ella’s school terms, I have seen her self-esteem and confidence grow tremendously.

She has learnt so much, you have cultivated a wonderfully warm and caring environment where the children are considerate, love to help and be helped by each other.

Your patience and encouragement with Ella has been amazing, she looks forward to going to nursery each day ?

Ella starts reception in September and we feel she has been given the right foundation for learning.

Thank you once again for making this positive impact on Ella and us.

Best Wishes,

Susan & Ravi”

That makes me really proud! So, I would like to thank many people for making this first part of our journey a positive one: first of all the children, then parents, teachers, and the Montessori Centre International (for sending my way amazing students to train).

Thank you all for a great year! On to the next!

An exciting year ahead!

This 2017 has been a great year for Unity Montessori. We took the plunge, and decidedly went down the route into the unknown. A new setting, in an area we were not particularly familiar with; a new venture, tonnes of regulations and paperwork to keep us on our toes and occupied most of the time… We must be extremely grateful though. For we found along the way lovely families and amazing children, and extraordinarily committed staff as travelling companions! We couldn’t have asked for more really.

It was a year of growth and progress that, as is the case with Unity’s children, is shaping the year ahead, which looks terribly exciting. We must thank the families that chose to trust their children’s early years’ education to us, and continue to do so. We must be equally thankful towards the new families that shall be joining us in the Spring term of 2018.

To all, and specially the children, may 2018 bring much joy, peace, progress and happiness!